10 Crazy Cliff Jumpers We Can’t Believe Survived

Cliff jumping may be a popular pastime, especially among teenagers and younger adults, but it’s a dangerous one.

Each and every jump poses the threat of serious injury or even death. Aside from taking the height of the cliff, speed, water depth and body position into account, you’ve got to know how far to jump out.

But thrill-seekers appear undeterred by the risks.

For gutsy adrenaline seekers, there doesn’t seem to be a challenge they’re not up for; this includes jumping from jagged cliffs that are over 70 feet high into shallow waters. Sometimes, all you can see below is rock. From this height, someone would hit the surface of the water at around 45 mph, regardless of his or her body weight.

These high speeds make the point of contact a bit more like slamming into a brick wall than a fresh pool of water, so technique and good judgement is crucial. It’s never smart to jump on a whim.

The 10 crazy cliff jumpers in the video above are either completely insane or incredibly daring. All we know is that you’d never catch us performing such a death-defying stunt.