CRAZY Craigslist Ad: Man Seeks ‘Fertile’ Woman to Escape Ebola Apocalypse With Him

While the rest of us have just been speculating about the impending end of days, one man has been busy preparing himself.

This means good news for all you “fertile” ladies out there, for this lean, mean, apocalypse-surviving machine is looking for a bit of companionship to help him through the long apocalypse coming, courtesy of Ebola.

The unknown man posted a Craigslist personal ad late Tuesday night, titled “Escape the Apocalypse with me.” The Boston advertisement promises any woman willing to join him is sure to have a life after the apocalypse alongside the 36-year-old survivalist, so they may repopulate the Earth following the Ebocalypse.

As you might expect, the advertisement sounds just a teensy bit bats#!t insane. Let’s read it together, shall we?

Ebola is about to break loose in America. It’s already in Dallas and Atlanta. Boston will be its next stop I am sure and soon airplanes, taxis, and the T will not be safe. Don’t wait for it to be too late. I have been prepping for about 10 years in the Vermont mountains and have a hidden sustainable bug out shelter well off the grid and completely self sufficient. I only fear that by going there now, alone, I will emerge in 10-15 years to find humanity has succumbed to this modern day plague and I will have no way to keep the species going.

If you already have children and wish to bring them then I think that is a good idea, and if not that is fine too. I request that you are fertile and able to bear at least three children with me should we find ourselves in a situation where a decade or more passes before it is safe to emerge. If you have small arms experience or hunting experience that is a big plus.

Unfortunately, the ad has since been flagged for removal, so it may be too late for you unlucky ladies. You’ll just have to die with the rest of us — the man, found out, wasn’t actually serious.

He did, however, get some serious responses, which you can read over at