Crazy Eyes from ‘Orange Is the New Black’ Shares Favorite Moments from Season One

Ever since debuting on Netflix, Orange Is the New Black has gained quite the following.

Not only is the show addictive and unpredictable, its character development is masterful.

Season one was packed with unforgettable characters, including Suzanne “Crazy Eyes” Warren.

Played by Broadway veteran Uzo Aduba, “Crazy Eyes” is one of Litchfield’s memorable prisoners who comes on just a little too strong.

In the clip above, watch as Aduba discusses her favorite moments from last season, such as the infamous “Chocolate and Vanilla Swirl” song and her intense passion.

With season two just around the corner (June 6), these few minutes should get you amped for what’s to come.

On Monday, the show announced that it will return for a third season.

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