Crazy Homeless Guy Believes Stabbing People Is ‘Better Than Doing Meth’

According to, when John Fecteau, a 22-year-old homeless man, was arrested in Seattle, he told officers that he was going to “stab one person every day. It is better than doing meth.”

It all began when Fecteau blamed a woman for sitting on a piece of cardboard on the sidewalk that supposedly belonged to him. When her friend stood up and confronted him about the dispute, he put a knife into his neck and stabbed the woman in her hand. But before police could arrive, the suspect had already fled the scene.

That same day, officers received a call regarding a robbery fitting Fecteau’s description: devil horns tattooed on his forehead and bolts on both cheeks.

After being handcuffed and admitting to the crimes, he ask the arresting officer,“Did that kid die yet?” He later added, “That guy, I hope I severed his spine.”

Luckily, none of his victims suffered life-threatening injuries.

Fecteau is currently facing robbery and assault charges, and is being held at King County Jail on a $245,000 bail. Seeing as he’s homeless, he most likely won’t be out anytime soon. Thank goodness.