Man Is Shot By His Dog While Driving a Truck

So, this happened.

A 46-year-old man was towing a friend’s car in Montana, with his dog in the front seat of a truck he was driving. He apparently also had a loaded rifle in the front seat. Let’s call that mistake number 1.

The man, named Richard Fipps, then told his dog to move into the back. Let’s call that mistake number 2, because that’s when the dog knocked the trigger to the rifle as he tried to shuffle to the back and shot his owner.

“The rifle was loaded and in the bed of the truck [with some other gear], and the dog hopped up there and either stepped on it or caused something to move and set it off,” Johnston County Sheriff Steve Kozisek told the Huffington Post. He added that the incident could have been easily avoided. “Carrying a loaded rifle in a truck is never a good idea, safety on or safety off.”

While this was the first time in Kozisek’s 42-year career to ever see a pet dog shoot its owner, it’s not a unique event. According to Highlands Today, Gregory Dale Lanier was shot by his dog last February while traveling in his truck.

As for Fipps, Doctors are currently trying to save his arms, although an amputation is likely, according to Unilad.

We wish him a full and speedy recovery.

Feature Image: Uniladmag