Teacher Gives Kids Homework Asking Them to Write About How They’d Kill Her

Our favorite assignments in creative writing class were the ones where we had to write essays describing how we’d handle various hypothetical situations: what we would do if we won a million dollars, how we would spend a whole year on an island, or how we would go about killing our teacher.

Wait. We don’t remember being asked to write that last one. Sadly, the kids in Patricia’s Lorenzen’s current class at Kingsview Middle School will remember this, as it is precisely what they were given as an assignment recently.

The teacher gave four separate English classes an assignment asking them to describe how they would kill her, as an “engaging way to review grammar concepts.”

Unsurprisingly, the school received complaints and Lorenzen called off the assignment. But by that time it was too late, as some of the kids had already finished it.

No, we don’t have a copy of the finished drafts, but we’re pretty sure they’d be rather disturbing to read.