18 Craziest Things People Have Put Inside Their Bodies

According to ER doctors, people will insert just about any available object into any available hole.

People seem to be incredibly imaginative when it comes to putting non-kosher things inside their bodies.

Don’t get us wrong, we’re completely okay with hearing about how a kindergartner curiously put a pencil eraser into their ear and couldn’t retrieve it, but why in the world would any reasonable adult contemplate putting that thing up/in there? HOW?

We were shocked to discover how common it is for foreign objects to get stuck up someone’s butt.

The disturbing information in the slideshow above was compiled from a “searchable database of emergency visits,” which most often ended in rectal exams, X-rays and surgery to remove the lodged item.

What kind of ridiculous excuses do you think patients told doctors when they asked what happened? We can only imagine the lies! They probably told them something silly like they slipped and fell onto a shower knob while opening the bathroom window. But who’s going to believe that?

The human body is, and forever will be an amazing mystery, especially when you consider how the heck some of this stuff even got stuck.

DISCLAIMER: Before you start clicking through the list, please prepare to be horrified and fascinated simultaneously.

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