Crazy Traffic Laws That Actually Exist

Traffic laws are set up to protect the public, and for the most part people agree with them — except for when they’re ticketed for rolling through a stop sign, or parking in a no-parking zone.
However, we did some digging and found a number of traffic laws that could arguably be called insane. Not just that they’re on the books, but that someone did something at some time that inspired city officials to actually instate these laws.
Here’s a list of crazy traffic laws that we found while scouring the internet.
Alabama – You know your habit of driving around blindfolded? That’s illegal in Alabama.
Alaska – Don’t tie your dog to the roof of the car. We couldn’t find anything on people or cats, so they seem to be fair game.
Arkansas – Blaring your horn after 9pm in an area where people are serving ice cold beverages and sandwiches will get you a ticket. (Maybe this makes us old, but this one doesn’t sound too crazy, actually.)
California – It’s illegal for women to wear a housecoat while driving. No word on what happens if a man drives around in one.
Colorado – Don’t drive a horse while under the influence, and if you’re in Denver don’t drive a black car on Sundays.
Connecticut – In Bloomfield, it’s illegal to eat in your car, and in New Britain a fire truck can’t exceed 25 miles an hour at any time – even it it’s on the way to a fire.
Florida – If you leave an elephant, goat or alligator tied to a parking meter, you have to pay the parking fee as if the animal were a vehicle; so make sure to carry change in your safari outfit.
Idaho – Getting some action in your car? If you’re in Coeur d’Alene, police officers must either honk their horn or flash their lights and wait approximately three minutes before getting out to investigate. So unless you’re having sex while drunk driving, you probably won’t get caught with your pants down.
Iowa – Planning to move to Indianola? You can’t sell ice cream from a vehicle, which means it’s gonna be a sad summer with no ice cream man.
Louisiana – In New Orleans, the law isn’t about drinking and driving or flashing your privates for some beads. Here, a woman can’t drive a car unless her husband is waving a flag in front of it. This law also applies in Tennessee.
Montana – You cannot leave a sheep in your car unattended. We’re assuming there’s a similar law for leaving children there as well.
New Jersey – It’s illegal for a person to frown at a New Jersey police officer for any reason, which makes us wonder if the person who wrote this law had ever been to New Jersey.
Ohio – In Youngstown, it’s illegal to run out of gas while on the road. But that’s better than in Canton, where it’s illegal for cars to share the road with roller skaters.
Oregon – You must yield to pedestrians… when you are driving on the sidewalk. Just an FYI.
Pennsylvania – If you’re driving along a country road at night, you have to stop every mile and send up a rocket signal, wait 10 minutes for the road to be cleared of livestock, and then you can continue driving. On the upside, you get to carry and launch rockets from your car.
Rhode Island – Make sure to give an “audible signal” when passing another vehicle or risk getting a ticket. A good, “Hey, girl, wassup?!” shout would seem to suffice.
Tennessee – It’s illegal to shoot any game — other than whales — from a moving automobile. Because, you know, whales are huge in Tennessee. Incidentally, this same law is reported in California where you may actually see a whole school of whales while driving down the Pacific Coast Highway.

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