Man Wants a Divorce After Seeing Wife’s Face for the First Time on Wedding Day

Imagine this miserable situation: It’s your wedding day, everything is going well, and it’s time to get your photographs taken. You remove your veil and your new husband recoils at the sight of you and immediately wants a divorce – moments into your marriage.

That’s the scenario one woman recently found herself in when her groom saw her for the first time on their wedding day and was disappointed by her looks. The two are from the Western Saudi town of Medinah, and had agreed to marry each other despite never having met face to face, which is reported by The Daily Mail as a regular custom in certain countries.

During the ceremony the photographer asked the bride to remove her veil, and when she did the husband leapt up and declared “You are not the girl I want to marry,” adding “You are not the one I had imagine. I am sorry, but I divorce you.”

Understandably the bride was devastated and started crying while wedding guests tried to resolve the dispute, according to the local news source, Okaz, which described the wedding into a “night of tears” after the groom turned his new wife down.

After the news hit online, it unleashed a fury of anger on social media with one man saying the groom “is not man enough to assume his responsibilities,” calling him “totally, completely insensitive” who “lacks basic feelings,” and adding that ‘nobody forced him to marry her. He should have insisted on seeing her before the wedding and the engagement, and not wait until the wedding night.”