Creationism Banned in All UK Schools

According to i09, the United Kingdom officially banned the teaching of creationism as a science in all state-funded academies and free schools. The clause states:

…requirement for every academy and free school to provide a broad and balanced curriculum in any case prevents the teaching of creationism as evidence based theory in any academy or free school.

 Because of the new law, if an academy or free school teaches creationism as a scientific fact, it will be break the fundamental principal of a “broad and balanced curriculum.

State-funded academies are the equivalent to charter schools in the United States, and consist mostly of high schools. Free schools, on the other hand, are funded by the state but are controlled by the School Admissions Code rather than a local authority. Free schools are set up in such a way that parents, teachers, nonprofit organizations, and businesses can open their own schools.

Additionally, the British government claims that creationism is a minority opinion, even in the Church of England and the Catholic Church in the UK.

The government already banned the teaching of the theory in 2012 for all future free schools, but that did not apply to already existing schools and academies. The new ruling officially expands the ban to all publicly funded academies and free schools.

The British Humanist Association has been the leader in advocating the change with its  “Teach Evolution, Not Creationism” campaign since 2011.

“[We] believe that… the objectives of the campaign are largely met,” said BHA Head of Public Affairs Pavan Dhaliwal. “We congratulate the Government on its robust stance on this issue.” He added: “However, there are other ongoing areas of concern, for example the large number of state financed creationist nurseries, or the inadequate inspection of private creationist schools, and continued vigilance is needed in the state-funded sector.”