Creative Genius Makes Us Cry with Just a Little Yarn

We never thought it was possible that we’d cry from staring at a little bit of yarn for four minutes, but apparently anything is possible.

That’s the lesson we learned from BAFTA-nominated animator, writer, and director Ainslie Henderson’s latest stop-motion video.

In the clip above, which was created for British band James’ single, “Move On,” the creative genius turned to the unassuming medium and came up with one of the most moving and heart-wrenching narratives we’ve seen in a long time.

Using the spun thread he weaves together a story of love, loss and graceful acceptance. The video shows a yarn figure learning to let go as a loved one is disappearing right in front of it. Desperate to hold on, but aware of the limited time they have together, the two characters decide to accept their fate and spend their last few moments embracing and comforting each other.

If you’ve ever experienced a loss of any kind, you’ll be familiar with the conflicting emotions of wanting to hold on while knowing you need to move on.

Check out the music video above and make sure you have tissues handy. You’re going to need them.