The 22 Creepiest GIFs of All Time Will Keep You Awake for Weeks

WARNING: If you are easily scared or offended, we don’t recommend you scroll through the above slides.

Movies are scary. Pictures are pretty scary too. But somehow the middle-ground can terrify us above all. That’s right, we’re talking about GIFs, those strange inventions of the internet mostly used to make BuzzFeed and Tumblr pages load that much slower.

From that small sample size, we had no idea that there were so many scary GIFs out there, once we started digging. We’re not sure where all of these came from, although we’re sure some are from well-made YouTube videos or little-known horror films. We can only pray that none of them are real.

If you enjoy being spooked, or you just hate sleeping soundly without any bone-chilling nightmares, scroll through our list above of the 22 creepiest GIFs of all time.