Creepy Burglar Hides Under Bed in Would-Be Victim’s Home for Three Days

This is one of those terrifying stories that you hope never happens to you.

According to NBC New York, Jason Hubbard ended up hiding beneath the bed in his would-be victim’s house for three days after a failed break-in.

Hubbard got into the New Jersey home through an open door while the owner was taking out the trash. He thought he’d have enough time to sneak in and grab some valuables. He was wrong.

When the homeowner came back inside, he fled into one of the spare rooms and decided to hide under the bed. Apparently, he kept himself occupied that entire time by playing around on his multiple cell phones, which he kept charged using a socket nearby.

Sky News reports that it wasn’t until the owner heard noises coming from the room that Hubbard was discovered.

Can you imagine being home all alone and hearing a strange noise coming from one of your bedrooms only to look under the bed and have this guy looking back at you? Absolutely horrifying.

Hubbard was charged with criminal trespass, theft of services and burglary.

It is still unclear what he intended to steal in the first place.