These Creepy Christmas Decorations Will Ruin Your Holiday Spirit

As much as we love Christmas decorations, we have to admit that some ornaments and trinkets on store shelves can be pretty tacky.

While we can mostly look past those tacky trinkets, it’s harder to do the same with those overly colorful items go beyond being trashy and into the disturbing and creepy categories. Almost every year while strolling through the seasonal section of stores, we notice that Santa figurine that looks a little too jolly, or the baby ornament that’s looking back at you a little too intently. Admit it, you’ve felt a little unsettled at times by such decorations, too, like you’d suddenly stumbled into your own personal Twilight Zone episode.

While we understand some of these are intentional and that companies manufacture disturbing products on purpose — perhaps to make us laugh or because the creator has a twisted sense of humor — but we can’t help but feel certain items are actually meant to evoke a festive feeling. Instead, they end up sending shivers down our back.

Above we’ve got a few great examples. Intentional or not, these creepy Christmas items are sure to ruin anyone’s holiday cheer. You can be sure none of these are going to make it on our trees any time soon.

Check out the slideshow of creepy Christmas decorations above.