Frustrated Guy Explains Why It’s So Difficult Being a Man In Today’s World

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For all the progress we’re starting to make in reducing the use of labels and judgement we put people of certain genders and races based on their looks, it sure seems like one group of people has been left out of the fold and is severely under-represented.

That’s why this guy’s rant is so brilliant. He’s standing up for all the men out there who just want to shave their mustaches a certain way, be able to chat with children or even walk through an alley in the middle of the night, without immediately be taken for a creep or a predator.

Even though this talk has a humorous bent to it, we can see the point he’s making. Innocent people should be able to walk out the door without feeling immediate shame for the way they look or the things they do.

But does the larger issue here have to do with snap judgments, or with the fact that the world doesn’t feel like a safe place?

Check out the video above and let us know if you can understand why this guy is just so frustrated with people.