Creepy Man Hacks Family’s Baby Monitor Camera

A nanny in Houston, Texas, Ashley Stanley says she was changing the diaper of a baby she was taking care of when something unbelievably creepy happened. A man’s voice started talking to her, she told KHOU news. Someone hacked into the family’s baby camera—a Foscam monitoring system—and was using it to spy on and terrorize the family.

“That’s a really poopy diaper,” she said the voice told her. The man also commented that the baby was cute, and criticized the family’s security measures.

Stanley said at first she thought her bosses were playing a practical joke, but quickly panicked when she discovered the unknown voice was coming from the child’s camera monitor. She called the family, who said they weren’t making the creepy voice.

Stanley told news outlets she realized it wasn’t a joke and “really freaked out” as the voice told her that she “should probably password protect your camera.”

The family believed that the system was set up to limit who could view the camera to specific phones in their home network. They do not know how their system was hacked, or who the responsible party behind the cyber breach is.

The family has unplugged the camera, and is left in fear of who has been silently watching them, and for how long.