#CreepyPaddington Will Give You Nightmares

“Creepy” probably doesn’t come to mind when you first thing of Paddington Bear.  The beloved classic children’s character has his many adventures chronicled in the book series by Michael Bond.

An upcoming movie adaptation by the producer of the Harry Potter movies will blend live-action with animation, but the mixture of mediums has some fans concerned.

Paddington is frequently associated with marmalade, his trusty briefcase, red wellington boots and his bright blue duffle coat. Now he is being called almost unrecognizable by fans. After viewing recently released photos of the movie, many fans are in fact calling the iconic character downright creepy.

So much so that it has inspired a meme unto itself.

The #CreepyPaddington hashtag is popping up across Twitter and Tumblr rising in popularity. Many feel that he looks less like the cuddly teddy-bear of his original illustration art, and more like a scary and haggard wild bear.  So, critical fans have begun to photoshopping the grizzly Paddington into stills from well-known horror movies.

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