Crow Steals Knife from Crime Scene

A Canadian¬†crow swooped down and stole a knife from a crime scene in Vancouver. The crow’s name is Canuck, and is actually quite famous to the local town. He even has his own Facebook page, and is often seen hanging around and poking his beak into anything interesting.

This time, Canuck’s attention was grabbed by a car fire at a local McDonalds. When police went to investigate, they were attacked by a man with a knife. An officer-involved shooting occurred and the assaulting man was taken to the hospital with non-fatal injuries. But the knife he dropped was quickly taken by Canuck, who “has developed into a a prolific thief,” according to Shawn Bergman, Canuck’s caretaker in an interview with Inside Edition.

Canuck was chased about 15 feet before he dropped the knife, so the evidence is now in police hands.

This isn’t the first time that animals have been seen wielding knives.¬†We all remember this video of a crab with a bad attitude and beautiful knife skills.