WATCH: Crowd Takes Down Violent Homophobe at Airport

Travelers in Dallas were faced with an unexpected drama when a fellow passenger came to the conclusion that a man was gay.

Things started to escalate when the man in the cowboy hat asked the irate traveler what was wrong.

“Queers is what I’m upset about! That’s a faggot right there.”

The man then kicks and hits the man he assumes is gay.

This is when all heck breaks lose. See the above video for the full encounter.

The man was arrested but at the time reporters were unable to obtain the official arrest report. Now, according to the Star-Telegram, the assailant was 27-year-old McCleish Christmas Benham, who harassed multiple people, and claimed to be intoxicated before reportedly kicking the man in the groin and hitting him on the head. The crowd has stayed clear before, but once he started attacking this man the video shows him being tackled by five onlookers and an airport police officer.

While he was on the ground, Benham allegedly said he attacked the man because “This is America — that’s why. It’s the same reason you get to live, to breathe, to walk black. You know what I’m talking about.”

Benham now faces charges of simple assault and public intoxication, according to police reports. The man who was attacked declined medical attention.

There was a bit of misinformation surrounding the event. One of the men who tackled Benham was mistakenly identified as actor Paul Rudd. This news spread all over social media, raising more attention to the incident. In reality, he is 28-year-old Ben Kravit of Dallas, an associate brand manager for Dr Pepper.