Crowdfunding Campaign for Gay Marriage Comedy Gaining Huge Attention

Want to be a part of the next great American love story? With one simple contribution, you can make it happen — by helping Dodie & Cheryl Get Hitched.

That’s the name of a new indie feature from filmmaker Coley Sohn. She’s teamed up with producer Matt Horwitz of Echo Lake and Transparent casting director Eyde Belasco to raise $200,000 for the production, and they’re making it happen through crowdfunding — a common approach for filmmakers these days, since it seems next to impossible to gain financing if you don’t control a comic book super hero franchise.

Described as a mash-up of John Waters and John Hughes sensibilities, this comedy focuses on the aforementioned Dodie and Cheryl, two small town lesbians who decide to get married. While they’ve had some support for their relationship in the past, it was more of a “we like them as long as they don’t appear gay in front of us” kind of support. But once the two decide to tie the knot, they face a surge of hypocrisy they never expected. And so the battle begins…

While the recent Supreme Court decision has made marriage legal for everyone regardless of sexual orientation, Sohn believes that doesn’t make a film like this irrelevant; indeed, she argues just the opposite.

“Yes, gay marriage is now legal everywhere, which is tremendous and mind boggling historic,” Sohn said in an interview with Daily Variety. “But the fight for equality is far from being over. Getting a movie like Dodie & Cheryl Get Hitched out there will challenge people to stand up and take notice.”

The campaign is getting good notice, and funding is moving steadily along. Kickstarter selected the project as a Staff Pick and thus far they’ve raised nearly $8000, but there’s still a long way to go. If you’re interested, make a contribution now; premiums include everything from trucker caps to being in the movie’s wedding scene. As Sohn notes, any amount helps the cause.

Check out their Kickstarter video above to learn more.

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