Cruel Hearted Crooks Rob Wheelchair-Bound Woman at Mall

Authorities are looking for two suspects who recently robbed a wheelchair-bound woman with cerebral palsy at the Northgate Mall in Seattle.

Carolyn and her husband, who is also in a wheelchair, were enjoying some time together while waiting for a bus to take them to their assisted living facility.

That’s when two men appeared and stood a couple of feet from them while talking. Carolyn resisted engaging them, describing them as “kind of scary-looking.”

Her suspicions were proved correct when a few seconds later one of the men ran up to her, grabbed her Samsung Nook tablet — which she uses to review Christian novels for a living — and ran off.

They weren’t able to chase them down, but Carolyn is getting back at the crooks in a different way: by sharing her story.

“I’m not gonna lie down and take it” she said “I’m gonna fight back the best I can.”

She’s also not worried about herself as much, as she is about others in the community, saying ” I just think if they’ll target me, they’ll target anyone.”

Fortunately, Carolyn had all her work backed up elsewhere and her husband has bought her a new tablet.

Still, she’s hoping the suspects are brought to justice, so she and others can feel a little safer. Crime Stoppers is asking anyone with any information to call 1-800-222-TIPS to help. All calls are anonymous and there is a cash reward of up to $1,000.

Check out more on the story in the clip above.