Crying Baby Orangutan Receives Love After Being Rescued (VIDEO)

Throughout the world, there are said to be just over 25,000 orangutans left in the wild. Experts estimate that by the year 2023, they will be completely extinct.

In an effort to curb the plight of the orangutan in Indonesia, as well as countless other animals, International Animal Rescue has stepped in.

Recently, its team rescued a baby orangutan named Budi from a woman keeping him as pet.

According to International Animal Rescue, his condition is critical:

Inevitably Budi presented signs of severe malnutrition. His body was swollen up with fluid owing to the lack of protein. Initial reports from Dr Ayu state that Budi was extremely weak, unable to move and also suffering from severe anaemia. Budi is being monitored and observed round the clock by IAR’s team of vets.

“We cannot even imagine how much pain this small baby has suffered”, says Dr. Karmele L. Sanchez, IAR’s Programme Director in Indonesia. “His eyes fill with tears every time he’s moved by the doctors and he screams in pain. It’s really amazing that Budi has been able to survive this long.”

If you wish to send a donation to help Budi make a full recovery, you can visit the page here.