Curious Toddler Swallows Christmas Ornament Hook, Sends Parents Into a Panic

Even if you think your house is baby proofed to the max, you may have overlooked one last thing.

If you happen to still use metal hooks to hang your Christmas decorations on the tree and you have a child in the house, you may want to think about using an alternative.

As one family¬†discovered, your curious child may accidentally swallow one of them. This may be an old story, but with the holidays around the corner it’s a great reminder, especially looking at the above X-ray photo.

The surgeon cautioned that the lodged hook could have potentially punctured their daughter’s insides, causing internal bleeding as well as other problems.

Luckily, the girl’s parents were able to rush her to the emergency room in time for doctors to¬†perform an X-ray and promptly remove the hook from her esophagus.

Once they arrived home, they removed all the hooks and threw them away. Then, they switched over to thread, and posted the X-ray and their story on every mommy blog and news site they could think of.

Hopefully, this family’s story will prevent other incidents from occurring this year.