Curse of the Villisca Axe Murder House: Ghost Hunter Stabs Himself While Staying Overnight

According to the Daily Mail, Robert Laursen, a man who describes himself as a real-life ghost hunter, stabbed himself in the chest with an unknown object while staying overnight at the infamous Villisca Axe Murder House in Iowa.

newspaperThe home became notorious when an ax murderer slaughtered six children and two adults there on June 10, 1912. The killer was never captured, and more than 100 years later, the murders remain a complete mystery.

Laursen, who was then 37, was taking part in a paranormal investigation when the gruesome tragedy occurred. The Daily Mail reports that he was alone inside of the rooms of the house, which has no working electricity or plumbing, when other investigators heard him screaming out for help.

“He was basically inside the room, as far as we’ve been able to piece together,” explained Montgomery County Sheriff Joe Sampson. “That’s when a couple of other people doing their paranormal research came into the room and found him. They called 911, and that’s pretty much where it is now. I don’t believe it’s an accident. Why he did it, we have no idea.”

The owner of the Villisca Axe Murder House, Martha Linn, told the Omaha World-Herald that she is literally “sick” over what has happened. This is the first time since the home opened to the public 20 years ago that something this horrific has occurred.

“It’s kind of shocking to wake up and hear that someone has nearly died at your tourist attractions,” she said. “I can’t imagine why somebody would do something like this to himself.”

On the Villisca Axe Murder House’s website, it says that tours are often cut short due to falling lamps, flying objects and the sound of children’s voices. Allegedly, even psychics have “confirmed the presence of spirits dwelling in the home and many have actually communicated with them, and skeptics have left believers.”

Take a video tour of the house below: