PHOTOS: Meet the Woman with the Curves That Are Stealing Kim Kardashian’s Title for ‘Best Booty’

Kim Kardashian better look out, because there is a new booty on the block. Kathy Ferreiro is a 21-year-old model from Cuba, with a booty that won’t quit—at least not until it’s taken over  Kardashian for the title of “best booty.”

The curvaceous beauty has had her captivating photos go viral amongst her online fans, as she posts her hot bikini photos across Twitter and Instagram. Her photos range from gym selfies to posing with expensive cars and boats.

She’s become something of a sensation after denying that she’s had any artificial enhancements to achiever her bombshell figure. Ferreiro insists that her rear is 100% natural—no surgery, and no photoshop.

Born in Cuba, Ferreiro works for a skin cosmetics company as a distributor in Miami. She’s also become something of a socialite in Miami’s fashionable hotspots and beaches.

Check out her photos in the slideshow above, and decide if she’s the real deal.