Starbucks Posts Calorie Counts & Cancer Warnings

Next week Starbucks will begin rolling out the new menu boards and  posting calorie counts of their various drinks. Last year, the Seattle-based company was forced to post signs in all of its California stores to comply with Prop 65– the proposition enforcing that Starbucks post signs stating that cancer-causing toxic acrylamide is present in their brewed coffee.

Acrylamide is a suspected carcinogen. It tends to form in foods that are overheated when cooked or in the case of coffee, roasted.

Between demands to know calorie counts, and the passing of Prop 65,  Americans seem no longer willing to bury their collective heads in the sand. They’re looking for healthier options, and they want to know what exactly they’re eating and drinking. starbucks 1.

In addition to Starbucks, the national food chain, Taco Bell, will launch its plans for a “Power Protein Menu” — entrees under 450 calories with more than 20 grams of protein — that it also will begin testing on June 25 at its locations in Dayton, Ohio. Taco Bell also will also test two additional zero-calorie beverages.

Currently McDonald’s, Panera Bread and Au Bon Pain all list calories, but most national chains will wait until the FDA forces their hands–which is slated to be mandated in 2014.