The Armadillo Video Wins the Internet — So Cute You’ll Forget About Kittens

It turns out that knights aren’t the only charming things that come in armor. And charming is exactly what one armadillo video has been doing to the internet.

The armadillo aptly named Rollie frolics with a toy in this video, dashing and rolling across the video frame with surprising agility.

It isn’t an animal often heard about–usually adorable puppies or squee-worthy kittens are winning as fan-favorites on the internet–so here are some facts to know about Rollie.

He is a southern three-banded armadillo from the Wisconsin zoo in Green Bay. According to the zoo’s Facebook page, the well-armored little guy enjoys beetles, ants, and termites, but his favorites are mealworms. He also eats plants and fruits.

The zoo is thrilled with the attention he has been getting, and is happy to share their love of the little guy with the world.

“[He] has an amazing personality,” the zoo posted in response to the many people reaching out with love for Rollie. “We never tire of it, either.”

It’s time to step aside, cute kitten videos, because there is a new adorable animal rolling into our hearts. It’s literally rolling.

Check out the video above to see Rollie do his thing!