Cute Dog Pictures: Pet To Know Contest – Round 1

Editor’s Note: This post was created in 2013 for our Pet to Know Contest on FTK. In it, you’ll find cute dog pictures, cuddly cats, and even a rabbit or other random animal. All were welcome for submission into the contest, and the winner got a $500 gift certificate to the Post Puppy Boutique. We’ve since hosted a couple more photo and video contests on FTK, and you can find more info on any current contests in our Pet Section.

However, just because the contest ended doesn’t mean you can’t appreciate great photos of adorable furry friends. And, since so many of our readers loved this contest, we decided to keep the slide shows up and active for your enjoyment. So check out the cute critters above, let us know which one is your favorite, and check back soon for more contests on First to Know.

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This is the 1st of 4 rounds of voting. We are still accepting submissions for the next three rounds. Any pet is welcome!

To submit a photo & enter to win $500 in pet products from The Posh Puppy Boutique, go to:

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