The Cutest Animal Selfies You Never Knew Existed [VIEW PHOTOS]

Think about trying to take a selfie without opposable thumbs. Seems impossible, right? Well, not for these guys.

According to the Oxford English Dictionary, the word “selfie” was deemed 2013’s word of the year, beating out “twerk” and “binge-watch.” But, to add even more entertainment to this rising trend, we dare you to type “animal selfie” into Google and not laugh. We can tell you, it’s difficult.

From sloths to cats to squirrels, animals like to get in on the selfie movement, too. Whether it’s photo-bombing or posing for portraits, animals have been on their A-game.

Though the classic smile seems to be the route to go, some animals take the face-of-intimidation to a whole new level, like the white kitty in the third photo above. Or perhaps the “frightened feline” is the next big craze, as this black cat demonstrates.

These types of animal style selfies have been flooding all forms of social media, from Instagram to Twitter to Pinterest. Some animals, like the monkey in the second photo, is a smart one. He happened to stumble upon the zoo’s hidden surveillance camera and took advantage of this opportunity to become famous.

Let’s be honest – in a competition between your selfie and an animal’s selfie, the animal selfie will win. Every time.