WATCH: Father and Son Build Epic Toilet Paper Gun to Ambush Mom

We’re not familiar with the exact dynamics of the family featured above, but if this video is any indication of what typically goes on in this household, boy do we feel bad for this mom.

A father and son duo got up to some shenanigans on a Sunday morning while the mom was out. The two decided to build what they called the TP6000, a homemade toilet paper gun that they ambushed the mom with upon her return home. She hadn’t stepped into the house for more than 10 second when flying streams of toilet paper enveloped her and a little girl, who we’re guessing is the couple’s daughter.

While the young girl shrieked due to the terror of it all, the mom more or less has the reaction of someone who’s used to antics like this.

While we do feel bad for her, we also can’t help but laugh.

Check it out for yourself above to see why.