Dad Arrested After Taking Teen Daughter Strip Club, Giving Her Booze and Cocaine

A Florida dad was arrested after he allegedly brought his 16-year-old daughter and some of her friends to a strip club, and is accused of letting them smoke marijuana, snort cocaine, and dance on the pole. The 45-year-old father, identified as Jose Maunuel Arguelles, now faces charges of child neglect, giving drugs to a child, and multiple counts of sexual performance by a child.

He was caught during a police raid, which also led to the club closing down indefinitely.

According to a statement from the Doral Police Department:

“We have illegal activity involving under-aged person, that’s the extent of the allegation that we’re putting forth at this time because it is an ongoing investigation.”

The mother of a 17-year-old girl who is said to have been involved in the incident apparently discovered photos and a video that showed Arguelles with teens at the club. One photo allegedly showed a 16-year-old on a pole with a stripper.

Arguelles’ attorney argues in a court appearance that his client is being overcharged, stating that the case was “not as serious as it appeared.”

Arguelles is being held on $45,000 bond.