Dad Catches 12-Year-Old Daughter’s Would-Be Rapist, Delivers Justice

A California man is being investigated by authorities, after he allegedly lured a 12-year-old girl from her home into a 2 a.m. meet-up. The girl’s father, Tim LeBlanc, said he woke up in the middle of the night to check on his children and was horrified to discover his daughter was missing from her bedroom.

What he did next may have saved his daughter’s life. LeBlanc told NBC San Diego that he wakes up every night to make sure his kids are safe.

Upon discovering his daughter’s window open, and that she was gone, LeBlanc said he got in his truck to search for her. He didn’t have far to go, he found the girl just up the street.

“I probably wouldn’t have a daughter if I hadn’t caught this,” he said.

She was with 27-year-old Scott Stilwell, who was trying to get LeBlanc’s daughter to get into the back seat of his SUV. When confronted, Stilwell allegedly tried to strike LeBlanc. LeBlanc said he then knocked out Stilwell with a single punch, and kept him subdued until police arrived.

Apparently Stilwell befriended the girl on Instagram, and another social media chatting app called Kik, before luring her to meet up with him. LeBlanc said that Stilwell even offered his daughter gifts to persuade her. According to LeBlanc, he also discovered that Stilwell had sent messages and photos of a sexual nature to his daughter.

“You hear about it, but never really think about it. Just sick,” LeBlanc told NBC. “Just mentally, you know. Just a predator.”

Stilwell has been issued two felony charges that include meeting a minor for a lewd and lascivious act.