Dad Makes 11-Year-Old Daughter Swallow 104 Cocaine Capsules in Drug-Smuggling Plot

Police are looking for a Colombian man who they believe forced his 11-year-old daughter to swallow 104 cocaine-filled capsules to smuggle them into Europe, according to a news report from the Washington Post.

After one of the capsules – which altogether amounted to over a pound of narcotics — allegedly burst in her stomach, the dad was seen on closed circuit television rushing her into the ER and then leaving a few minutes later.

Police later raided the man’s home where they found a plane ticket to Madrid in the girl’s name.

“In 30 years of service I’ve seen all kinds of strategies to smuggle drugs but nothing as reprehensible as this,” Gen. Hoover Penilla, commander of the Cali police, told The Associated Press.

He added, “Everything is pointing to the fact this youngster was going to be used in a twisted way by adults as a drugs mule to transport drugs from Colombia to another country.”

The girl’s mother is also being investigated for possible involvement in the case, according to Elite Daily.

It was also reported the child is being protected under armed guard while healing from surgery, as the discovery makes her the target of drug lords. Colombia’s child welfare institute will take custody of the girl.