Dad Gets Hearing Aid Tattoo So His Deaf Daughter Won’t Feel Alone

A photo on Instagram is the perfect demonstration of a father’s love, and the lengths to which a parent will go to make his child feel confident. Not much is known about the father-daughter duo, whose picture has gone viral, except that the little girl is deaf and has to wear a hearing aid.

While we don’t know for sure, we’re led to believe that perhaps she was getting bullied for her hearing device, because her dad decided he had to do something so she wouldn’t feel alone or self-conscious.

So he tattooed a matching hearing aid on his head.

The picture shows the unidentified father with a large hearing aid tattooed on the side of his head. The tattoo—which takes up most of the left side of his head— was drawn to look exactly like the hearing aid his daughter wears.

hearing-aid tattoo

The photo was captioned:

“This dude’s daughter is deaf he got a hearing aid tattoo’d on himself to make her feel less self-conscious. #PassingAlongPositivity.”

Posted by user Justcuriouspoe, the anonymous man has been dubbed “Father of the Year” by the Internet, after the photo of his tattoo went viral online.

The touching gesture quickly went everywhere on Twitter, and inspired users with the father’s act of empathy.

This story is similar to the parents who tattooed their daughter’s birthmark on their legs so she would feel special.