Dad Hits Teacher with Bat for Sending ‘Inappropriate’ Texts to His Teenage Daughter

After discovering a series of, ahem, questionable texts between his daughter and a teacher, a Maryland father reportedly beat the teacher in question with a baseball bat.

The teacher had been texting their 15-year-old daughter of Perry Hall High School in Baltimore County for some time. Her mother reported the teacher to the police after discovering the texts, which suggested an emotional and likely inappropriate relationship. For now, we can only wonder what that relationship entailed, as police have been vague on the content of the texts.

The police didn’t act on the report then, but it wasn’t long before they were summoned to the family’s household for a disturbance that same night.

The teacher, it turns out, showed up on the family’s doorstep in Nottingham, unannounced.

When he did, the parents asked him to leave, but he refused. So, the student’s father got hold of the nearest baseball bat and struck him with it. (We have to wonder where he struck him.) The teacher left their property with minor injuries, but said he won’t press charges.

For now, there are no more developments. The Crimes Against Children Unit is continuing to investigate the teacher, but he’s still free at the moment, if a little beat up. The police department aren’t releasing the names of the parents, daughter, or teacher.