Dad Shaves Off Beard, Shocks Baby with New Look

You’ve probably experienced the shock that comes with seeing a familiar face after a complete beauty overhaul. Heck, there are whole programs on TV based on that premise because people love seeing major transformations.

A long time brunette dyes her hair platinum blonde, your friend from college sheds off 50 pounds since you’ve last seen her, or your heavily bearded dad gets a clean shave. The last example is exactly what happened to a baby girl who got the surprise of her life when her fuzzy faced dad walked off mid playtime to shave off his beard.

For us, it’s no big thing. Yes, we’re surprised and in some cases even delighted by the change in appearance, but just imagine that you’re basically new to the world, and your brain doesn’t quite process those same transformations as older, more experienced people. Well, no need to think on it too hard, because the video above shows that very event in action. When the toddler sees the clean shaven stranger in place of her dad… well… you just have to check out the reaction for yourself.

The “Dad Shaves Off Beard” video came out awhile back, but it’s been trending again on Facebook so we thought we’d post it again. Enjoy.