Dad Stops Kidnapper From Snatching Daughter From Her Own Bedroom

A parent’s worst nightmare almost came true for Aaron Edson and his wife Stephanie. A home intruder kidnapped Edson’s five-year-old step-daughter from her bedroom in the middle of the night. Fortunately, the attempt was foiled by the Utah dad, who happened to wake up and check on his daughter.

Edson saw the intruder—a man—carrying his daughter across the family’s front lawn, ran outside, and demanded his child back. The suspect left the girl and fled the scene while her parents frantically called 911.

“There was a man in my home and he took my 5-year-old daughter,” the girl’s mother reported to 911 dispatchers. “And I happen to wake up and he had my daughter outside, and my husband ran out there and got her from him, but he took my 5-year-old daughter.”

Police caught the suspect mere blocks away from the Edson home, and identified the man as Troy Morley.

The girl was unharmed in the incident, and now Edson and his wife are crediting “divine providence” for the safety of their daughter.

“We truly believe God is the hero here,” Edson said in and interview with Fox News.

They said that Stephanie had been awake at the time for no reason, and had an intuitive feeling that something was wrong.

“She just had a sense. Learn to trust your wife’s mothers intuition. It’s the way to go,” Edson said.

He described the “divine calm” he felt as he approached the man, fearful for his daughter’s life.

The intruder, Morely, told Eson he needed to get to a church and claimed that people were trying to kill him.

“If she’s with me, they won’t kill me,” he reportedly told Edson. But he left the girl with her family, and was eventually caught by police in a nearby home.

Morely was booked on charges of child kidnapping, burglary, trespassing, and resisting arrest.

Neighbors of Morely reported to the Associated Press that the man had bizarre and inappropriate conversations with their children, and that he had been caught sneaking into backyards around their neighborhood.