Dad Makes Bullied Goth Daughter Feel Accepted in the Most Awesome Way

Struggling to be accepted is an issue countless teenagers experience every day. And while back to school time is meant to be a joyous occasion, for those that “don’t fit in,” it is often something¬†most students dread.

For some students, it means getting teased and bullied by their peers about their appearance, abilities and differences. For them, having a solid support system at home makes coping with the negativity from the outside world bearable.

This new viral ad from German home improvement brand Hornbach shows just how far a little thoughtfulness and love from a family member can go.

Watch the video above as this father goes out of his way to show his daughter that she is accepted, no matter how she chooses to¬†express herself. It appears as if she’s stuck in a creepy Twilight Zone version of Pleasantville; that is, until her awesome dad decides their house needed a little touch of color.