Dad Tries to Teach Daughter to Use Pepper Spray, Regrets It Immediately

There’s nothing quite like showing how great of a father you are than by allowing your young daughter to shoot you in the face with pepper spray.

Pepper spray can be some really nasty, nasty stuff. Stuff most people don’t necessarily want to get in their eyes.

In an attempt to teach her how to defend herself against an attacker, this dad decided to let his daughter spray some mace directly in his eyes.

“This is a video of me teaching my daughter that mace will stop somebody. Because if it will stop her daddy, it will stop anybody,” he says, before immediately regretting his decision.

You can clearly see that he is left temporarily incapacitated, in pain and unable to see.

Hopefully, his daughter will now know what to do should the time ever come where she needs to defend herself.