Daily Concepts: The Ultimate Body Exfoliation Products

The flowers are blooming, the weather’s warming, and summer is right around the corner — the time of year when it’s all about showing off your skin. However, right now we’re in spring, and this time is all about the prep: getting your blood pumping, keeping hydrated, and making sure you exfoliate, exfoliate, exfoliate.

That doesn’t mean picking up an obsessive scrubbing routine; rather, a daily body exfoliation habit is a great idea, and it will do wonders to tone skin, help your lotion fully moisturize and absorb, and keep your (spray) tan even and natural looking.

My shower hasn’t been without a pair of scrubby gloves in years, but I was given the opportunity to test out a new line of exfoliation products from Daily Concepts, so I took the leap. Here’s what I learned.


All Daily Concepts products are conscientiously created — they are cruelty free, allergy tested, made in North America, environmentally friendly, and cleverly packaged.  Every product includes a fading label indicating when it’s time to replace your product, and every  package doubles as a holder for your new shower accessory, complete with a suction cup and drainage holes.  Perhaps it seems like a small thing, but just imagine how much less trash you’d produce if manufacturers took the time to make their packaging functional.  But I digress.


As a longtime fan of (pink) scrubby gloves, I began with Your Exfoliating Gloves.  I find exfoliating gloves to be hugely convenient because they leave my hands free to shave or grab bottles, and these fit that bill.  Daily Concepts describes this product as having a firm texture for deeply exfoliating skin.  I did find these to be just a touch too rough for my sensitive skin, but this was easily compensated for by reducing the pressure I used. Thaty said, Daily Concepts also has other products that are targeted towards more sensitive skin.

Next I tested Your Body Scrubber.  This has a regular texture suitable for all skin types, and I would best describe it as an exfoliating sponge.  I found this was great for body wash and general exfoliation, excepting delicate areas.  I did miss the convenience of a glove, but the padding in this allowed for deep exfoliation without being too rough for my sensitive skin.

For an even more varied and gentle approach, they offer Your Dual Texture Scrubber.  As the name would indicate, this padded product has the regular texture on one side, and a soft texture on the other.  This was just perfect for me: regular texture for the general body, and soft for delicate areas including the face.  Having two options in one more than doubled the value of this product for me.

Daily Concepts fourth offering, Your Stretch Wash Cloth, is an exfoliating cloth with handles on either side.  This wash cloth can stretch to three times its size, which makes it perfect for scrubbing down the oft-forgotten back.  This has a regular to firm texture, and dries fairly quickly which, for me, gave it a few steps up on on traditional cotton wash cloths.

If I had to choose one product to buy, I’d splurge and choose two: Your Dual Texture Scrubber and Your Stretch Wash Cloth.  The dual texture was so perfectly versatile, and the stretch wash cloth is exactly what all the open back dresses of this season demand.  They’ve been fantastic additions to my shower, and I can’t wait for the season of skin to begin!

For more information, visit the Daily Concepts’ beauty section.