Father Says Losing His Face Was a “Gift from God” — See His Transformation That Shocked the World

Dallas Wiens was only 23-years-old when a tragic accident burned off his entire face and nearly killed him.

After finishing up a painting job, the lift he was on drifted into high-voltage power lines. When he woke up after being in a coma, he was completely unrecognizable.

Before the accident, Wiens says that he wasn’t religious, but now he has a love for the Lord that he never thought was possible.

Although what happened to him is something absolutely horrific, he doesn’t like to think of it as an accident. Wien’s explains that it was a “gift from God.”

Three years after losing his face, he underwent the first full face transplant performed in the United States.

For Wiens, the best part wasn’t even surviving the procedure, or having a new face. He was just happy that he could finally feel his daughter’s kisses on his lips.

Sometimes, people must be brought to the edge of death to truly experience life.