Meet Instagram’s Most Notorious Partier and Womanizer

He is a professional poker player, actor, Navy Seal dropout and Instagram’s most notorious partier and womanizer. Meet Dan Blizerian the man with over 10 million Instagram followers who has become widely known for his lavish lifestyle filled with money, guns and lots of women.

He has perfected the art of partying, as many young college boys would say. He posts videos and photos that could be considered as proof.

As GQ described him, he is “a kind of Bruce Wayne-meets-Hugh Hefner for the social-media age.” He seemingly lives his life without a worry or care in the world–with the exception of his cat Smushball.


He has cars that are worth more than half a million dollars and he’s posted his fair share of controversial content.

While Blizerian may have suffered from a few heart attacks, that hasn’t stopped his partying. He has even gotten in a few legal disputes for allegedly kicking a woman in the face and on separate occasions using his guns in unsafe matters.

Aside from the negative press his photos continue to raise dispute between his social media followers, who arguably either follow him because they are obsessed or disgusted.