Dangerous New Trend Is Like Ice Bucket Challenge but It Can Kill You

Remember the ice bucket challenge? How can we forget. As silly as it may have been, the foundation of the challenge was a good cause.

This new trend, which seeks to imitate the ice-bucket challenge, is not for a good cause and it’s highly dangerous.

Basically, as you will see in the video, the challenge is to snort a line of coke and get the next person (a friend) to do the same. Yep, that’s it. What the motive is behind is unclear other than it’ll eff you up.

We don’t have to tell you how dangerous cocaine is — you’re all grown adults. So act like one and refuse to partake in this awful challenge if it comes your way. Certainly don’t encourage your buddies to do it. Remember, even doing one line of cocaine can lead to cardiac arrest. It’s more like Russian roulette than a challenge.

This awful trend started in Mexico, where the press have described it as a challenge for the wealthy members of society. It’s known as ‘Reto del pasesito’, and is has been widely shared on social media – it even had it’s own Facebook page before the social media giants took it down.

In case you were wondering what cocaine does to your heart, see the video below: