Daniel Craig Kills It in This Week’s SNL Ad

Every TV season media types wonder if Saturday Night Live will get better, or if it can succeed after xxx actor left, or if certain guest stars will be hits or misses. And every season those same media types tune in, praising and complaining because– like opinions and certain body parts– everyone seems to have one.

A lot of attention has been paid to Kristen Wiig’s departure last year, but the show hasn’t slowed down. The fact that this is an election year will certainly help as well. But so will commercials like this one.

This week’s advertisement features James Bond, Daniel Craig, who is starting promotion of the newest film in the Bond franchise, Skyfall. He’s opposite the wonderful Taran Killiam, whom we’ve had our eye on since he started on the show. This guy has some super funny elements, crazy and well timed in the best way possible. Check him out, as well as how Craig works with him. You may even be excited about this week’s episode. Thanks to Buzzfeed (on of our favorite sites) for the super fun screen grabs. You can check them all out on their site.