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Where Is He Now? Find Out What Happened to the Actor Who Played Jonathan on ‘Who’s the Boss’

Danny Pintauro is best known for his role as Jonathan in the ’80s sitcom Who’s the Boss. He played the well-intentioned kid who wouldn’t dare break the rules.

It was just last year that he jumped back into the spotlight on an episode of Oprah: Where Are They Now? 

While on the show, he shared the many reasons why he disappeared from Hollywood and how he has grown over the years.

The former actor is now 40-years-old and was bold enough to share with Oprah that he contracted HIV. It all happened in March 2003, when he was living in New York. He admitted that he didn’t know that he was HIV positive until he decided to have a routine physical.

Additionally, he has also made it public knowledge that he became a crystal meth addict when he was 27, but was able to kick the habit.

Prior to his bout with addiction, Pintauro attended Stanford University and graduated with English and Theater degrees in 1998.

Just before his graduation, the National Enquirer broke the news that he is gay, which completely devastated him at the time.

In April of 2013, he became engaged to his boyfriend Wil Tabares, and the couple married in April of 2014.

To our knowledge he doesn’t have any plans to work as an actor in the near future.

The following is a video of Pintauro talking about living with HIV.

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