Daredevil Diver Comes Face-to-Face with Deadly Anaconda in Underwater Cave (PHOTOS)

Karina Oliani is a 33-year-old Brazilian adventurer and photographer who enjoys a streak of danger. But she says she was pretty terrified when she came across a real-life ‘sea monster’ while on a dive in an underwater cave.

Oliani had been hoping to come across a snake during her four-day expedition, but even she was not prepared for the massive anaconda she stumbled upon while underwater. Oliani estimated that the anaconda was about eight-feet-long and almost 900 pounds, and she believes that it may be the largest one to ever be photographed while underwater.

Although anacondas are known to kill their prey by constricting them and swallowing them whole, Oliani was reassured that they are not man-eating reptiles. However due to the massive size, she knows that she easily could have been squeezed to death by the huge snake.

She did the dive with a friend, who had a knife, but was otherwise completely exposed to the beast.

“We were definitely not on her menu but it is a wild predator and you should not approach it in a way that makes it feel threatened,” said Oliani. Nevertheless, she was able to get close enough to touch the creature.

Oliani said that at first the anaconda, which was identified as a female, was a bit shy, but eventually loosened up a bit.

“Anacondas are not easy to find – they hide well in water,” Oliani said. “It has always been a dream of mine to find [one] and when I got very close to it I felt very lucky.”