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Daredevil Photographer Lucinda Grange Seeks Out the Impossible

Being a photographer isn’t the right career for you if you have vertigo, at least not if you’re like Lucinda Grange. She’s constantly risking her life for her art, scaling the sides of massive, iconic structures like the Great Pyramid of Giza or the Brooklyn Bridge.
This unique daredevil photographer has made a career out of dodging security guards and ignoring “no trespassing” signs to explore views from high above it all. In some cases, she finds this same kind of scenic beauty underground. Funny how an abandoned subway station is so much more beautiful than an active one.
“I am realistic. I know I’m nothing special. I’m of equal worth to every other man or woman,” Grange humbly admits on her website. “But through travel and adventures I get to witness special moments, special views and special environments… if only to share with you, so you can experience the adventure from the comfort of your soft seat in your warm home as you sip hot chocolate, so you can see what I do to escape ‘real’ life and lose myself,” she explains on her site.
You can glimpse Grange herself in many of the photos, looking perfectly at home atop the Chrysler building. It’s safe to say she doesn’t have vertigo.
Grange, only 25, hails from Hartelpool, UK, and travels with a group of “urban explorers,” who pride themselves on discovering places where tourists are usually forbidden.
As insane as it might seem, it’s hard not to see the beauty in her photographs, and envy her fearlessness and ability to see cities like Paris and New York in a way practically no one else has seen before — all in the pursuit of capturing the perfect shot.
Try not to get dizzy as you check out her images in the slideshow above.
For more information on Grange, or to buy one of her prints, check out her official site. 
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