Amazing Daredevil Stunt Shuts Down Highway, Caught on Camera!

It’s a bird! It’s a plane! Well, actually it’s a team of professional stunt guys (and girls) base-jumping via zip line off of a 700-foot building. And every thrilling jump is caught on high definition video!

Filmmaker Devin Graham spoke with TheBlaze about how he and his team created the daredevil feat.

It all started when Speed Stick offered Graham the chance to make a high-intensity video to promote Speed Stick Gear and the #GEARchallenge campaign.

Graham in turn asked his team what they’d like to do if they had the budget to do something they’d never done before. The answer was this base-jumping-zip-line extravaganza.

It took about four months to coordinate. Not only did the team have to sort out the logistics for such a giant project—finding a location and building—but they also had to consider every aspect of the stunt from a safety perspective to prevent injury and potential disaster.

In addition to taking over the 700-foot building in Panama City, the team had to get permission to shut down a major highway that crossed beneath the path of the line.

“I brought in my safety guys,” said Graham. “So we made sure everything was safe and we wouldn’t have any surprises.”

It was fortunate that he did, because the first day of the shoot proved too windy to safely use the zip line, and some last-minute adjustments to the length of the line forced the crew to work overnight to tighten it to a safe length.

If heights make you dizzy, the team’s resulting video may make your palms sweaty, but it will definitely get that adrenaline pumping!