Teen Daughter Pulls Off the Meanest Prank Ever, Convinces Mom She Has Been Kidnapped

Every parent’s worst nightmare almost came true for one mom who was the victim of one very cruel prank — and it was carried out by her own daughter.

Lily Sharp posted screenshots of a text message exchange in which she managed to freak her mom out by getting her to believe she was kidnapped.

The exchange starts off with Sharp asking her mom why she hadn’t given her a heads up about a decorator and said he was acting aggressively. When the concerned mom told her there wasn’t supposed to be any decorator, Sharp responded back with a cryptic “She knows that now.”

From there she assumed the identity of a kidnapper, telling the mom she was to pay a ransom if she wanted her child back. When the mom said she was calling the cops, Sharp finally confessed it was all a joke along with a picture to assure her she was fine.

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