Daughters Living at Home Find Mother’s Corpse, 8 Months After Death

Two sisters living in their mother’s apartment in Kuwait discovered their mother’s corpse in bed, eight months after she had actually died.

According to Gulf News, the daughters believed their mother to be sleeping while they were home, and never bothered to check on her beneath the blanket until recently, when they discovered her now-skeletal remains.

The daughters then called local police to investigate. They quickly ruled out foul play and determined the woman died of natural causes.

IBTimes reports:

Every day the daughters would go out in search of food while their mother stayed indoors ‘sleeping’ in a separate room.

They told the police that they had assumed their mother woke up after they left home and went to sleep before they returned in the evening.

The bizarre case quickly spread through online news sites (like this one, for example). Internet readers reacted strongly, as they typically do, decrying the daughters for their negligence or possible malice. Among many other good points made is this one — how the hell did they not smell the mom’s rotting corpse? No home is that well-ventilated, right?

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Featured image from Psycho, courtesy of Paramount Pictures.